01. No hidden fee is required for enrolment. Each driving lesson is $80.00 per hour or $110.00 per hour and half. [In-car driving is 55 minutes and the last 5 minutes to review the driving progress.] Accepting E-transfer, debit card and credit card.

02. Only one additional observing student can attend in the vehicle during the in-car driving lesson at no extra charge. The 2nd and 3rd observing individual in the vehicle will be charged at $40.00 per hour per person.

03. Vehicle rentals for Road Test and Stand-by Road Test Services are extra services which are not included in the fee of any driving lessons:

  • a. Road Test service will be charged at $180.00. Free pick up and drop off with a minimum of 45 minutes warm up before the test included. Fees must be paid in full before the road test begins. (No pickup from downtown Vancouver due to unpredictable traffic)
  • b. Stand-by Road Test service will be charged at $180.00 as the stand-by waiting service. [i.e. $45.00/hour with a minimum charge of 4 hours.] Thereafter, the hourly rate will be $45.00 per hour additionally.

04. Notice of cancellation, re-schedule or withdrawal of lessons must be given to the school or driving instructor at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time in order to avoid the cancellation charge at 100% of the lesson fee.

05. Cancellation notice of Road Test appointment booked by the school must be submitted to our school 72 hours prior to the appointment time in order to avoid the penalty fee of $25.00 charged to you by ICBC.

06. The school may reserve the right to claim against the students who cause an accident in the course of the road test.


Revised Date: March 01, 2021